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Start using FMG Warehouse for your cold and dry storage needs and let us partner with you to grow your business.

Maybe you don't have enough space to make product fast enough to satisfy demand, but it would be too costly to grow your own storage space too soon. Or maybe you are a larger company operating in other markets and you need a foothold in the Mile High City. Big or small, we can make you and your customers feel like someone special.

Many of our current and former clients (Prost Brewing, Tivoli, High Country Kombucha, Bhakti Chai, to name a few) started with just a few pallets stored with us. Moving some of their overflow product to our facility allowed them to boost production and sales without big overhead costs. Over time, they stored more and more product with us. Then, with a positive track record, these Colorado companies were able to invest in their own expanded production and storage facilities.

In addition to helping many homegrown Colorado startups, we also have a long history partnering with out-of-state businesses that need a launch pad in Denver.

We provided an Arizona-based food producer a base for distribution of their product until they were able to move production to the state. Here is what we accomplished for them:

  • Received daily truckloads of diverse product from locations across the country
  • Fulfilled orders with a quick turnaround (24 hours or less)
  • Maintained a fleet of trucks to provide DSD 6 days a week to Safeway and Costco stores along the Front Range from Ft. Collins and Pueblo
  • Ensured product integrity through proper storage, handling & rotation
  • Provided invoicing, billing & routing
  • Offered responsive local customer service

We reached out to FMG when we outgrew our own refrigerated space. They have been terrific to work with and an indispensable partner in helping us manage our growing business.
Susan Graf at Bhakti Chai

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