Specialty Foods

FMG Warehouse is the perfect place for Specialty Food and Beverage Companies needing refrigerated storage.

At FMG we get to know you and your product and tailor our services to meet your needs.

We ensure
  • Proper rotation - FIFO/FEFO
  • Inventorying and cycle counting
  • Temperature control and recording
  • Multiple zones for different product needs
  • Safety - procedures in place for tracking and traceability, recording lot code records and implementing recalls

We have relationships with several cold storage facilities throughout the country and FMG is by far our favorite. When I first signed on with them David told me that they wanted to be a partner in my growth. Naturally I assumed this was just a part of the pitch. Maybe it was, but they have truly made every effort to live up to this promise. David and the entire staff are very easy to work with and they have gone above and beyond to make sure that the needs of my business are a top priority. I have found FMG to be fair, flexible, and professional. Cheers to many more great years ahead!
Jason Jaworski - President/Owner Passanante's Home Food Service

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